Corrigendum for TEQIP-III Bid Invitation

  • Jun 20 2019

3. Corrigendum for IFB No TEQIP-III/RJ/gceb/63 (XRF Refractometer)  

Bidding schedule will be followed as per information given in corrigendum. There is no change in case of IFB No TEQIP-III/RJ/gceb/10 (Smart Grid Apparatus) and IFB No TEQIP-III/RJ/gceb/82 (Civil Work) therefore Bidding schedule for these two packages will remain same as notified in Standard Bid Document (SBD)

MSME bidders are eligible to participate in this bidding process subject to satisfy all other terms and conditions specified in Standard Bid Document (SBD), however EMD/Bid Security will be 25% of the amount mentioned in SBD for MSME Bidders.