IIIP - Industry Institute Interaction Program

Numerous initiatives aiming at promoting interaction between the department and the industries are taken. This will have great bearing on the Engineering Curriculum, exposure of industrial atmosphere to engineering students and subsequent placement of young graduating engineers in industries across the country. These objectives have been fulfilled by having fruitful partnerships with a few reputed industries.


Industrial training is the most important requirement to complete technical education these days. Industrial training is an important strategy to expose students to real work life situation and to equip them with the necessary skills so that they would be job ready when they graduate. The industrial training has been the part of the curriculum in 7th semester with the following objectives:

  • Gain knowledge in the working environment of Industry
  • Understand the basics /principles/components of various subjects and their implementation in the industrial areas.


The students of 3rd year and 4th year are encouraged to go for industrial visits across the nation with the objective of visualizing the things studied in the theory and expose themselves to the industrial working environment.

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